Suge Knight is reportedly remaining tight lipped about the nightclub shooting that left him hospitalized. 

Insiders tells that Suge hasn't been forthcoming with information about Sunday's shooting at West Hollywood's 1Oak Club. 

Police tried to visit the Death Row Records founder several times in the hospital, but they were falsely told that Suge was sedated, even though he's been fully conscious.  When police eventually got face time with Suge, a source claims he acted confused and remarked, "I was shot?" 

Suge isn't the only one keeping their mouth closed about the shooting.  Witnesses have also reportedly been slow to come forward with information about the shooter.  One person who isn't afraid to talk is Katt Williams.  The comedian tells the celebrity gossip site Suge wasn't targeted in the shooting.  He claims Suge was actually trying to protect another person from getting shot. 

Photo: Getty Images