Your willpower is strongest in the MORNING . . . when your mind and body are fresh.  And according to a recent study, successful people all try to do the SAME 11 things before breakfast.  Not every item, every day, but you'll get the idea . . .



1.  Wake up early.  It's the only way to get a head start AND get time to yourself.


2.  Exercise, before it gets squeezed out by the rest of the day's activities.


3.  Work on an important business project.


4.  Work on a personal passion project.  If you wait until after work, you'll rarely have the energy to do something creative, even if it means a lot to you.


5.  Spend time with family.


6.  Network over coffee.


7.  Meditate.


8.  Write down things to be thankful for.


9.  Plan and strategize.


10.  Check email.


11.  Read the news.