Maybe you don't know what you should be doing with your life.  But you know what you're doing right now ain't it . . . right?



A career counselor named Richard Leider came up with a simple formula to figure out what you should be doing with your life.  The formula is G plus P plus V . . . G stands for gifts, P stands for passions, V stands for values.



First, figure out your GIFTS . . . those are the things you're good at.  And that can include anything . . . you could be gifted at motivating people, solving puzzles, running long distances, whatever.



Then, figure out your PASSIONS . . . those are the things you really CARE about.  They can be social issues, like feeding the homeless . . . personal passions, like making people laugh . . . or even the passion to make a ton of money.



And finally, figure out your VALUES . . . those are the things you NEED to have in your lifestyle to make you happy.  Do you want to be home for dinner with your family every night?  Do you hate waking up early?  Do you want to travel?



Now, look at your gifts, passions, and values and start brainstorming careers that fit with your answers under each one.  When you find a career that fits all three, that's a potential career for you. 


(The Muse)