Here is a list of 21 “Guy Code” Things That Girls Probably Don’t Know About from  That’s Tickled . . . without an e.


A few of these . . . confused me so I cut them out.


1.  If I don’t make fun of you, we’re really not friends.


3.  When we’re friendly to the women we actually want to date it’s often because we’re looking for more than sex, and actually like who you are.  It’s not some deceptive practice intended to fool you into sex for one night.


4. When men work in groups for long ours, we mess with and prank each other; it’s a form of camaraderie.  If you’re the only woman among a group of guys, and they start to poke fun at you, it’s often a form of initiation.


This is counter intuitive for some women.  Just roll with it and you will soon be one of the gang.


5.  Every guy has a line.  There are some places you don’t go with them.


6.  Very few things push our buttons like the women we love.  When the woman we love says or does mean things, it hurts more than from anyone else. 


7.  The cocky loudmouth is often the most insecure guy in the room.


9.  Chill out.  It’s not really such a big deal.  This statement applies to pretty much everything.


10.  If I don’t text you back, it doesn’t mean I’m mad at you or playing mind games.  It probably means I forgot because I’m playing video games.


11.  If men are talking about a friend “behind their back” chances are they know what we are saying because we also say it to their face.


14.  If women beat around the bush with things, dropping small hints to a man will not work.  You must be direct.  We are simple creatures and we love confidence.


16.  If a man says things are “fine” they usually mean it.


17.  Men need guy time.  Men do not want women to hang out with us every time we’re doing something.


20.  Men do NOT date your best friend’s ex-girlfriend, even if your best friend says he would be ok with it.  You simply do not do it.  It will destroy your friendship.