It's a big relationship milestone when you finally stop SPOONING all night, and admit you'll both sleep better if you're as far away from each other as possible.  But . . . it turns out that's a BAD thing.



According to a new study, couples who sleep less than an inch apart are the HAPPIEST . . . and couples who sleep at least two-and-a-half feet apart are the LEAST HAPPY.



86% of couples who spoon all night are happy . . . versus 66% who sleep basically on opposite sides of a king-size bed.



Couples who make physical contact during the night are also happier than couples who have a "NO TOUCHING" rule.



Overall, 42% of people sleep back-to-back . . . 31% sleep facing the same direction . . . 12% sleep less than an inch apart . . . 4% sleep facing each other . . . and 2% sleep at least 30 inches apart. 



(The Telegraph)