In a new survey, three out of four people say their lives are pretty BORING.  And based on this list of the ways people try to spice things up . . . their lives are going to STAY boring.



The survey asked people what they do to LIVE ON THE EDGE . . . and these are 10 of the most popular answers . . .



1.  Booking a trip before you have the money to pay for it.


2.  Driving with the gas light on.


3.  Driving through a red light or, at least, a yellow light.


4.  Crossing the street when "Don't Walk" is flashing.


5.  Having a drink at lunch.


6.  Not closing the blinds before you change clothes.


7.  Not paying bills on time.


8.  Eating dessert for breakfast. 


9.  Eating something after its expiration date.


10.  Going to a restaurant without a reservation. 



The survey also came up with things people want to TRY to spice up their life.  But they're just as lame.  Here are 10 of the top suggestions . . .



1.  Cutting out of work a half hour early.


2.  Undoing your seatbelt before a plane stops.


3.  Going out without an umbrella when it looks like it might rain.


4.  Using the phone while you drive.


5.  Drinking coffee right before you try to go to sleep.


6.  Ordering something different than usual for lunch.


7.  Not killing a spider you see in your bedroom.


8.  Leaving your house without your phone.


9.  Going outside with wet hair.


10.  Using someone else's mug. 


(Daily Mail)