Everyone has to make SOME sacrifices in a relationship.   


What's the biggest thing YOU had to give up for your significant other?  Here are some of the best answers we've heard . . .



1.  "I gave up a job and moved.  Now I'm single . . . and looking for a new job in this new city."



2.  "I gave up smoking.  I was walking up to his place for our first date . . . smoking . . .  and he said, 'You smoke?'  I said, 'Not any more' . . . I put it out and stopped smoking that instant.  It's been 20 years since without a cigarette."



3.  "I gave her a KIDNEY to save her life.  She wound up cheating on me about five years later."



4.  "I had to give up sleeping in.  She starts playing LIONEL RICHIE if I sleep past 8:30 in the morning, even on weekends.  I really don't like Lionel Richie."



5.  She had to give up on owning a cat, since I'm allergic.