According to a new survey, the average person wastes one hour and 40 minutes a day.  Although honestly, that seems low.



Here are the top 20 time wasters in our lives . . .



1.  Calls from telemarketers.


2.  Dealing with automated telephone systems when you call a company.


3.  Worrying about things that might happen.


4.  Waiting in line at the grocery store.


5.  Unnecessarily hard-to-open packaging.


6.  Traffic jams.


7.  Waiting in lines in general.

8.  Road construction.


9.  Waiting for someone to get back to you.


10.  Self-service checkouts, where you always end up needing an employee to help you out.


11.  TV commercials.


12.  Waiting for websites to load.


13.  "Candy Crush" and other cell phone games.


14.  Facebook.


15.  People that won't listen to you.


16.  Emails that don't really apply to you.


17.  Dusting.


18.  Cleaning.


19.  Twenty minutes of ads and trailers before a movie starts.


20.  Untangling your headphone cables. 

(Daily Mail)