It's very sad to hear about child deaths and pets that are being left in a hot car. Sometimes, parents or guardians do it unintentionally (and can prevent it from happening by leaving the left shoe in the backseat when travelling with kids.) Other times, it's the result of mere stupidity on the side of the parents. 

A YouTube user tbartley269 took to a hot car (on purpose) and stayed in there. He pleaded with parents and guardians to never leave their kids in a hot car. 

"This is wrong, man," Bartley said in the video with sweat dripping down his face.

With a huge increase number of cases of parents leaving their children or pets inside a parked car during the summer heat for a few minutes can result in death. Thibodaux Police decided to conduct a little experiment.

An officer sat in his patrol unit for 10 minutes and filmed the experience. In the video, he says the sweat started dripping within seconds and three minutes felt like a half-hour.

Chief of Police Scott Silverii says the experiment was done under heavy supervision and urged that no one try to replicate it at home.