Listen to Win INSTANT MILLIONAIRE Scratch tickets

Instant Millionaire Scratch Tickets

Power 102.1 has your chance to win Instant Millionaire scratch tickets from the Texas Lottery!  

Sometimes waiting can cost you big time. 

Don’t miss out on the chance to win up to $2.5 million, INSTANTLY when you play the new Instant Millionaire scratch ticket from the Texas Lottery! With over $500 million in total prizes and 50 prizes of $1 million or more, you can’t pass this up! 

So why wait? 

Stop by your local lottery retailer today and remember, when you play the Texas Lottery, you are supporting Texas education and veterans.  

Listen tomorrow morning for the ticking clock sound to call 915-880-5777 between 6am and 10pm. When you hear it, don’t hesitate to call in and win, because why wait for your chance to win.  First caller will win two (2) of these $20 scratch tickets from the Texas Lottery.  


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