Who has THE BEST Gorditas in El Paso?

For the first time in quite a few years, I went down to the Fiesta de San Lorenzo in Clint.  I grew up and graduated from Clint High School, so the Fiesta is more like a mini High School Reunion when I go now.   There are so many food booths that offer everything from taco's, turkey legs, nacho's, fresh fruit, aguas frescas and gorditas.  But here's a little secret, the BEST gorditas in El Paso, as far as I'm concerned, are made by the Hernandez Family.  They sell gorditas right out of their driveway at their home behind the church.  

Come to think of it, I will only eat the gorditas made by the Hernandez family.  I haven't found any other place that can make them as good.  

So next year, if you head down to Clint for the Fiesta de San Lorenzo, take a stroll behind the church and get yourself an order of the BEST Gorditas in the El Paso area!        

- Patti 



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