TV and Movie fans look forward to San Diego's Comic-Con every year because it's the sneak peak of EVERYTHING you could ever imagine. Unfortunately, the coronavirus pandemic has caused the convention to be cancelled. This was a huge bummer to fans around the world, but the good news is that Comic-Con decided to make the event virtually. Organizers are planning a virtual gathering called "Comic-Con @Home" and even though not many details have been released, they did create a video teasing what fans can expect. The video was hilarious with words like "free parking", “Comfy Chairs. Personalized Snacks. No Lines. Pets Welcome.” The most exciting part had to have been when they said the words “Badges for all.” The official San Diego Comic-Con website hasn’t shared details yet, but it will be located on this section of its website.

If you're a Comic-Con fan who enjoys the souvenir books, they plan on releasing the Souvenir Book as a downloadable PDF. The annual program is filled with artwork, short articles, and panel schedules. It will be released around the date that San Diego Comic-Con was supposed to start, July 23.

Are you going to attend "Comic-Con @ Home 2020"?

Photo Credit: Getty Images