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Premiere: REGALJASON Drops New Single ‘Already Won’ After ‘EMPIRE’ Success

Extraordinary artist REGALJASON dazzles crowds with a spectacular new song, another teaser of his upcoming album ‘Megafauna’. “EMPIRE”, was a debut from the project, a three-minute thunderous composition filled with soaring vocals and heavy beats, detailing the state of the “city” seen from REGALJASON’s perspective. As someone who has lived in four countries and five different cities, the artist has been exposed to both the good and the bad of a city life our societies tend to be so proud of. His fierce socio-political narration shows the world everything it desperately tries to keep hidden but it also shows beauty and innovation.

‘Already Won’ - a composition so inspiring beyond words and demonstrates the artist’s experimentation with digital production as yet another pearl to be cherished by humanity. 

REGALJASON started writing songs at the age of six, fascinated by the many cultures he experienced growing up between Jamaica and Panama. In high school having won a talent show, he recorded a song with his siblings, after which he began to cultivate an international audience through tumblr. 

He moved to Orlando, Florida to study music production and pursue his dream of being a singer-songwriter. After being scouted at an open mic night, he sang briefly with a local band, Sweet Cambodia, and performed with them at legendary venues like the Orlando House of Blues. 

An exciting new face in the game, REGALJASON is certainly making a name for himself as someone who understands music and breaks the rules in an unexpected way. The music video is shot in the Panamanian rainforest, where REGALJASON is free-falling from a cliff only to reemerge, unscathed, on a golden beach: symbolic of the hills, valleys, deaths, and rebirths REGAL has faced on his journey to self realisation.

‘Already Won’ is a spectral electro-pop psalm like no other, this record makes him one of the most slept on artists out right now! This was the most unexpected and rewarding three minutes that we’ll never regret. If you feel like crying out of happiness, this song is your prayer. His execution is worshipped. This is so necessary, this man and his gift is hands down one of the best! 

‘Already Won’ is one of the most beautiful visual content we’ve seen this month. If you are destined for greatness, this is your motivation to win. 

Stream video and follow REGALJASON on: Instagram - Spotify - YouTube

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