"Too Hot to Handle" Might Become Your New Netflix Obsession

If you've already finished watching "Love Is Blind" and are eagerly waiting for the next season, you're in luck. Netflix's latest reality dating series takes "Love Is Blind", "The Bachelor", and "Love Island" to the next level. Introducing your newest binge-watch obsession: "Too Hot to Handle".

The show will take place at a tropical paradise, where 10 single contestants compete for a grand prize of $100,000. Unlike "Love Is Blind", everyone will be able to see each other. However, there is still a twist.

To win the money, the contestants have to keep their hands to themselves. This means no touching at all, not even holding hands. Each time a player breaks this rule, the prize money decreases for everyone.

As stated in the trailer, this challenge is supposed to help everyone "gain deeper, emotional connections". Something that makes "Too Hot to Handle" different from other dating shows is that the contestants will be from the US, UK, and Australia!

"Too Hot to Handle" not only takes inspiration from other dating shows, but other reality and competition shows as well. Similar to Netflix's series "The Circle", there will be a "virtual assistant", which seems to be a group of producers explaining the rules of the competition.

While we're still not sure what the other aspects of the series will be, such as how eliminations will work, all questions will be answered soon. "Too Hot to Handle" will be available to stream on Netflix on Friday, April 17th!

The new series premieres just in time for it to become everyone's newest quarantine binge-watch!

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