Idiot of the Day: Getting Jail Time for Trying to Get Website Name by Force

Now, in this history of idiots, never have I EVER, heard this kind of story: a man is being sentenced to 14 years for trying to hold a man at gunpoint over a domain name. A website name. AT GUNPOINT. This award for this week's idiot of the week goes to Rossi Adams, who hired his cousin to hold a man at gunpoint for the site name,

Now, this sounds like a lot of random jibber jabber, so let me paint you the picture. You're welcome.

Adams runs multiple social media accounts, but one of them is more popular than the other; one of his accounts has 1.5 million followers, an account that features sexually explicit content from Iowa State University. He was pretty set on snatching that domain name, especially since the account was known for the hashtag, #doitforstate. Make a little more sense now?

Apparently, Adams and the owner of that website's name had been in talks for two years, Adams offering as much as $20,000 for the domain. The owner was set on keeping the domain name for himself. That's when Adams got frustrated, and decided to intimidate him into coughing it up.

He hired his cousin Sherman Hopkins, a convicted felon, to visit the owner and try to forcibly have him give up the domain. Hopkins pistol-whipped the man, even shooting him once. However, luckily the man was able to steal the gun, shoot Hopkins, and call the authorities.

No one was hurt in the process, but it definitely could've ended really, really badly. And for what? Adams really did it "for state," but now he's been judged by the 'state' and sentenced to 14 years, his cousin for 20 years. Now he's going to 'state'; the state penitentiary, that is. Ok, I'm done now. Want to not be an idiot? Do the opposite of Adams.

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