Is That The Kool-Aid Man? Nope, It's Just A Wreckless Driver

Ahh...December. The time of the year when people forget how to book their flights to avoid mass transit. College kids coming home from school, flying out to see family across state lines, it's a busy time of the year for air travel. And those flying rates can be MURDEROUS on your wallet, so around this time of the year, I fly Frontier, so you know I can't feel my butt for about 6 know, the best stuff.

Regardless of how you fly, you know, sometimes you run a little late for a flight, it's happened to the best of us. Take me, I've slept through flights before, and that is absolutely no fun at all. That walk or Lyft ride to the airport of shame always hits super different. But never, ever, EVER have I gotten THIS desperate.

Now see, your first problem was thinking that you could cut the check-in line. Even if you crash through the entire airport, they're not gonna give you the boarding pass. Get your ass back in line like the rest of us, Joe!

No matter what angle they show this video, it's bad guys. The estimated damages were a WHOPPING $250,000. Police are unsure of whether the driver was intoxicated while driving, but luckily no one, including the driver, was inebriated. He does have quite the bill though, so godspeed to your for that invoice you're getting, my friend.

Do better folks. Should've flown United like the rest of us, bucko. Those 4 AM flights are a horrible idea.