Plant-Based Filet Mignon Is Now A Thing

Plant-based substitutes for meats have really boomed in recent years, but mainly as a replacement for sausage and ground beef. The company Juicy Marbles is trying to change that with their new substitute, a plant-based filet mignon that comes with a pretty large price.

To purchase around 1.3 pounds of the plant-based steak its gonna cost you $147.58; the company says this is enough to feed four people, which would be almost $37 per serving for four people. Right now the only way to get what the company refers to as the “ultra-tender” steak replacement is through their website, with no availability in stores or restaurants as of yet.

Microbiologist Luka Sincek, a cofounder of Juicy Marbles, said that the hardest part was getting the fiber alignment and marbling to mimic actual real meat. And they are still looking for feedback to see if they nailed it, so they are offering a special discount for testers; two samples for $20.

Personally, I'm a real meat guy. I don't mind the "fake stuff" at all if its in front of me, but if i have a choice in the matter... it's the meat meat for me. My wife doesn't eat meat so sometimes she cooks meat substitutes for all of us. Maybe she is just a bomb cook or maybe this stuff is really good. But whenever she cooks it... its super delish!

But would you pay almost $150 for a plant steak? Are you a fan of the taste of plant-based "meats"?

Check out Juicy Marbles HERE

If you are feeling adventurous... here's a recipe for completely vegan steak!

Photo: Getty Images