CAUGHT: Boyfriend Caught Cheating On Doorbell Cam

Oh, shoot! I mean...are we surprised here? People are caught cheating like crazy because of social media and even home cameras. But, to me, way more surprising, is how people think they can get away with it with cameras and eyes EVERYWHERE now. A woman on TikTok has dumped her boyfriend (obviously) after finding out he cheated thanks to Ring doorbell footage. @charleyclark88, shared the video of her boo kissing another woman, then walking away, and the woman jumping on his back. She added the hashtags, #cheat, #ex, #girl and #single. As for how she found it, she says she discovered it on his phone after the girl sent it to him. Ouch! I would LOVE to be a fly on the wall the moment this dude was caught! I love sipping on the tea :)