Famous Relationship Coach Caught Cheating On His Wife

If you frequent the advice of relationship coaches and gurus, chances are you've heard of Derrick Jaxn with over 744K subscribers on Youtube. But... maybe he should be taking his own advice on being an amazing partner and NOT cheat on his wife of 8 years? Just a suggestion. His mistress went totally public and outed him! Ouch! But apparently, it's been happening over years, with multiple women and encounters. Through the years, Jaxn has made bank with his books on marriage, relationships, and “spiritual healing.” He has since apologized to his wife, on video...with her in the video. Awkward much?

I'm hearing he did that before the mistress aired out the dirty laundry. Hmmm... how convenient. Watch the video below!

Do you find the apology sincere? How would you react to this news?