Casu Marzu: Considered The World’s ‘Most Dangerous’ Cheese

Ya know... normal common sense would tell a person, if there are maggots on your food...time to throw it away! Right? Not if you live on the Italian island of Sardinia. This cheese is a delicacy! Also, it is illegal to sell with fines up to $60,000 for doing so. But this doesn't stop the locals from making it for special holidays, birthdays and weddings.

Locals make the cheese, then leave it to age for about three months. While that’s happening, cheese skipper flies lay their eggs in cracks that form in the cheese, those eggs hatch, and then the maggots eat their way through the cheese and transforming it into a soft, creamy delicacy. Hungry yet?

It gets yummier! (kidding) Some locals spin the cheese through a centrifuge to merge the maggots with the cheese before they eat it, while others eat it as-is, maggots and all. The cheese is said to have an “intense” flavor and an aftertaste that stays for hours. Also, there have only been a handful of people getting sick from this cheese which is a thousands year old delicacy. The locals see this cheese as normal.

Who's ready to eat?!

But seriously...would you try this?